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DIY Yoni Steaming

How To Steam At Home

Steaming at home is a great option for those who can't join us in person.

Order our special blend DIY yoni steam herbs so we can create a custom mix of herbs specifically aimed towards what you may be experiencing. It is important when working with the plants that you build a relationship with them. You can do this by asking the plants and the water to help you in what you are trying to heal at that time.

Self Care Tips:

⦁ Place 1 cup of herbs in a pot of water and bring to a broil then gentle simmer with the lid on for 20 minutes.

⦁ Set up your steam space. Turn off your phone, put music on if you’d like, or grab your favorite book, light candles, or make a cup of tea to enjoy while you are steaming.

⦁ Once you are set up pour your steam water into a different pot as to avoid burning the floor.

⦁ Place your steam pot under a slotted chair, step stool with slot, lawn chair or steam stool.

⦁ Remove your clothes from the waist down, leaving your socks on, keeping your upper body warm.

⦁ Sit on your designated seat over the steaming herbs making sure the steam pot is placed underneath the body so the steam gets to the perineum.

⦁ Drape your lower body with blankets that extend all the way to the floor to ensure the steam is contained.

⦁ Be careful not to burn yourself. If necessary, create a small vent to allow excess steam to escape, it should feel pleasant.

⦁ Sit over your steam for about 15-20 minutes depending on the temperature.

⦁ Simply enjoy the healing and nurturing time you have set aside for yourself.



** Please DO NOT use essential oils in your steam.**
Essential oils are extremely potent & they may burn the delicate tissues of the genitals.

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