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Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are beautiful polished crystal stones that are carved into the shape of an egg.

They are designed to be placed inside the vagina.


They are known to revitalize your intimate space and strengthen + tighten kegel muscles. This will help to maintain health and well being, as well as strengthen orgasms and lead to more fulfilling sex.

Back in history, Empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China used yoni eggs carved out of jade to access and enhance their sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain amazing health as they aged.

Choosing a crystal that works best for you is the best part.  The answer of which crystal to choose is already within you as it’s based solely on your intuition. Look deep within yourself and allow yourself to naturally gravitate towards the crystal yoni egg that would be the best fit for you.

If you find yourself still having difficulty choosing then it is suggested to begin with one of the starter crystals, Clear quartz, Black Obsidian, Jade, Amethyst or Rose quartz.


Most women can begin with a medium size yoni egg. The eggs come in two styles, drilled, where you can remove it with an attached string or an undrilled one as well.



Amplify your sensuality!

Instructions for your Yoni Egg:



When you are cleaning your Yoni Egg you want to use a bowl of purified spring water and put a tablespoon of sea salt in your water. Place your Yoni Egg in the bowl of water and allow your  crystal egg to recharge and cleanse for at least an hour. You can also sit your Yoni Eggs outside overnight during a full or new moon, and you can recharge them by sitting them in the sunlight for a day. Smudging your Yoni Egg with Sage or Cedar is also a great way to cleanse and set your intentions over your Yoni Egg and bless your healing and Goddess reawakening.  



Yoni Egg insertion is very easy. Make sure your  fingers are clean. Take coconut oil, or olive oil and lightly lubricate your Yoni Egg. Don't use too much. The key word here is lightly. The largest point goes in first with smaller more narrow tip at the bottom on top of your fingers. As you insert use your vaginal muscles to welcome your Yoni Egg up within your vaginal canal. Your Yoni Egg will sit comfortably. Most of the times your won't remember it's there until you have to use the bathroom, cough, or sneeze. In the beginning you find that these moments will make for great girl talk, and laughter.


All of our Yoni Eggs are undrilled this means there are no strings to pull your Yoni Egg out. You can squat and gently push down like having a bowel movement and place your hand over your Yoni to catch her. No need to worry. She will come out just fine. 

Note: If you are a Yoni Egg beginner when using the bathroom you may want to take your Yoni Egg out until you are finished. 

Length of Time:

If you are a beginner leaving your Yoni Egg in for 4 hours or more while consciously doing kegel exercises throughout the day is excellent. Build and increase your time as you grow to become more comfortable, and your vaginal muscles become stronger. Your Yoni Egg will communicate with you. Some days she will want to stay in all day and other days she will plop out with no warning after an hour. There are days she won't want to come out. Don't be frightened. Relax and trust the process. This is your healing talking place. My Yoni Eggs stay within me for 3 to 5 days at a time. I allow her to come out when she is ready.

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