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3 Must-Try Teas for Summer

I am sure that you've heard that you are what you eat; did you know that also applies to the beverages you consume? Yep, a lot of us are consuming empty calories. Drinking beverages that mean us no good, in no way, shape, or form. So what do we do when we want flavor but want to steer clear of the mounds of sugar? Herbal Tea.

Herbal teas are the perfect drink to quench your thirst during the summer months, and they are fun to make. Why stock your home with sugar filled drinks when you can have a beverage that tastes great and has all natural ingredients? I am positive that sounded like a commercial, but it's true. Ever since I started drinking teas, I can tell a difference in my body. the calmness I feel, the soundness of my sleep, and the clarity I feel in my mind. The list literally goes on but you get my point.

Check out this Cooling Summer Tea Recipe

Per Better Teas, the best teas to drink during the Summer months are floral blends, cooling mints, tropical blends, and flavored green and black teas.

There are several reasons to consume tea:

  1. Tea contains antioxidant, which aids in protecting us against heart problems, eye problems, mood fluctuations and immune system issues.

  2. Tea has less caffeine than coffee.

  3. Tea helps with weight loss.

  4. Tea soothes the digestive system.

  5. Tea may help your fight against cancer.

Read More Reasons to Consume Tea

3 Must-Try Teas for the Summer

​1. Lemon Balm see Recipe

2. Red Raspberry shop our Girl Power Tea

3. Mint shop our Night Cap Tea

Teas can be served hot or chilled, simply by adding ice. I hope you've found a reason to clean out your fridge and pantry, especially if the beverages you're storing aren't doing you or your body any justice.

What will you be drinking this summer?

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