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How to Avoid the Summer Yeast

Summer has so many meanings and associations. Kids are out of school. families are taking vacation. And, teachers are jumping for joy as they get a much needed break. Are you aware of what it means for women? We always get the good stuff, because we are just that special right? The hot summer temperatures mean that we will have to take extra care to ward off yeast infections. Yeast infection are a girl's best friend, and I say that with the largest amount of sarcasm that could be applied to any statement, ever.

They are common during Summer because the fungus thrives in hot, moist environments. Although this fungus lives on our bodied throughout the year, the rising temperatures subject us to infection at an increased rate. So, you have to protect yourself to avoid the Summer Yeast.


How to Avoid the Summer Yeast

One of the most common ways to avoid a yeast infection is to wear white cotton underwear. The breathable fabric keeps your vagina cool during the Summer heat. It's best to avoid nylon underwear as well as those made of synthetic materials.

In addition to paying close attention to your undergarments, you will also have to watch the "fit" of your clothes. Tight fitting clothing like jeans and workout gear can create the moist environment that yeast loves so dearly.

Chances are we aren't going to avoid our jeans or the gym, so your best bet is to step up your hygiene. Listen to your body, if you notice sensitive to certain products, soaps and perfumes alike, discontinue use. The irritation they can cause open the door for yeast infections to waltz right in. I am sure you've heard this before, it's better to shower than bathe. Sitting in water too long can also cause irritation that leads to infection. Also, be sure to dry your vagina thoroughly after showering.

As you're out shopping, vacationing, and enjoying time with friends and family refrain from ignoring the urge to urinate. Use the bathroom often and drink lots of water. Avoid excessive sugars and refined carbohydrates, you can also add yogurt to your breakfast to help combat yeast buildup. Shower and change after swimming, just as it isn't good to sit in a tub for long periods of time, neither is wet clothes in general.

We are special creations, which is why we have to go above and beyond to take care. Don't neglect yourself or your body, especially during the Summer. No one wants to be battling a yeast infection while everyone is catching rays and flights.

Happy Summer!

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