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The Truth About Steaming for Men

Up until today, we haven't discussed the men's side of steaming much, if at all. It's a thing. Men can get steams too and it's actually really good idea to do so. There are all so many benefits, and the objective today is shed a little more light on an area that a lot of us are in the dark about.

Back in 2015, Gwyneth Paltrow released a post about having received steaming at a spa in California and obviously that post went viral. Shortly thereafter, two men decided to try it out. And, if you're wondering what they steam, it's the anus. Sounds weird, right? I'm sure it does but let's get into why this is even a thing in the first place.

Watch the Guys Chronicle their Steaming Experience

Even with the viral-ness of their video, there still isn't much heard about steaming for men. And to be honest, I don't think men are breaking spa doors down to be the example. Since Real Housewives is alive and well and they occasionally mention yoni steaming, women have reminders of what's out there. And, I am challenging you to be the reminder to your husbands, boyfriends, Fathers and the other men in your life. Let them know, men can steam too.

Steaming for men originated in China, as a treatment specifically for the Emperor. In recent years, it's become a "thing" especially in big cities like Los Angeles. In many spas it is known as an A Steam, and it detoxifies and rejuvenates. It also aids in relaxing tense muscles and/or inflammation. Perfect for men who are active. It's ideal for men who have suffer from insomnia as there has been record of deeper sleep. Ultimately it cleans the anal cavity, soothes hemorrhoids, increases energy and positively impacts his overall health. One of the most eye opening feedbacks given on its use is the impact on the prostate. Steam can have positive impacts for men who have enlarged prostates and it can produce a better urine stream.

Weird but promising? What do you think? Would you suggest an A Steam for the men in your life?

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