What's Your Aura Saying About You?

As the New Year approaches, we encourage our friends and loved ones to cleanse their bodies and their space. I believe in vibes; I also believe my overall vibe can be sensed and in many cases transferred. Spiritualists refer to the atmosphere around a person that reveals who they are and how they feel as their aura. What does your aura say about you? If you were to ask those around you about what vibes you give off, what would be their response? If you're unsure whether it would be positive or negative don't fret, you can clear it.

What is the color of your Aura?

I took the quiz and found out I was pink. Love, sincerity, affection and generosity are the words that describe me. The quiz says that I've achieved a perfect balance between my spiritual and material existence, but I believe I am still working in that working in that department. It went on to say that I love to be surrounded by friends and family. This is definitely true. And that I love to love and to be loved, and hate conflicts and arguments. I couldn't agree more here; I want to live a harmonious life. Lastly, my results said I take care of my body and spread a positive and healing energy to those around you. How on point is that considering, here we are...Embodied Vibrations.

Take the Quiz and Share your Results

3 Ways to Improve Your Aura

Clean Your Aura

The clear quartz is the crystal of the month, it's also the most popular and abundant in the world. It is viewed as the gift from Mother Earth and the metaphysical community believes it has powers, healing powers. The clear quartz cleanses negative energy, balances your senses, and cleanses your soul. Long story short: this is the way to go if you want to revitalize and cleanse your aura.

Using the Clear Quartz to Clean Your Aura

In addition to using the clear quartz to clean your aura you can also hit refresh by exposing yourself to sunlight. Perhaps a walk or reading on your patio. The sun has healing powers as we power up our vitamin d levels. You can also meditate; find a quiet place in your home to clear your mind. Use this time to rid yourself of any negative thoughts that may be lingering. Try to focus on the good in your life, the things that make you happy rather than giving too much energy to the things that don't.

Heal Your Aura

A lot of what you give off is a reflection of how you feel. So, if you're dealing with depression it will show; if you're harboring unresolved emotions, it will show. So then the question becomes how do you heal it. One way is to talk to someone, a counselor or unbiased party who can help you identify the issue and move forward. Another way is to forgive. When we have negative experiences we tend to hold onto those feelings if we don't forgive. Remember that song Bag Lady? You're going to miss your breakthrough holding on to all that stuff you're carrying.

Protect Your Aura

You've cleaned it, you've healed it and now you have to protect it. The constant in our lives is us; the people in our lives may change but we will always be here. So, we have to get comfortable with ourselves and essentially fall in love with who we are. When this happens, we create a strong relationship with self that makes it difficult for others to control our emotions. This is important and its necessary.

What's your aura saying about you?

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