Quick Guide to Yoni Eggs

The yoni is the female genitalia, symbolizing a sacred space from which life comes. When you read that doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Like, you have the ability to create life. Which essentially means you have the ability to impact the world. I got into this business because I wanted to educate women. The truth of the matter is we only get one of us, so it's in our best interest to take care. Before you get carried away about taking over the world with your offspring, allow me to teach you how to take care.

Yoni eggs are precious stones carved in the shape of an egg; they are polished to be worn inside the vagina. I know you're looking at your screen, like is she crazy? A little, but that has absolutely nothing to do with these eggs. The practice of using these eggs date back 5,000 years. Way back in the day, the royal families of China used them to prolong the health and wellness of their yoni, accessing their sexual prowess well into their later years of life. Fast forward to present day and these stones are still used for the same reasons.

Are you ready to try it for yourself? Well, there are 4 questions I already know you will have.

  1. How do I clean it? There are 3 ways to clean it. (water) You can submerge your egg in a bowl of purified water, with a tablespoon of sea salt for an hour. (naturally) You can sit your egg outside during a full or new moon, or even during a sunlit day.(spiritually) Lastly, you can smudge your egg with sage or cedar. While cleaning, set your intentions over the egg to bless your healing and Goddess reawakening.

  2. How do I insert it? Make sure your fingers are clean. Take coconut oil, or olive oil and lightly lubricate your Yoni Egg, be sure not to use too much. The key word here is lightly. The largest point goes in first with smaller more narrow tip entering last. As you insert use your muscles to welcome your Yoni Egg into your vaginal canal. Your Yoni Egg will sit comfortably. Most of the times your won't remember it's there until you have to use the bathroom, cough, or sneeze.

  3. How do I remove it? All of our Yoni Eggs aren't drilled, this means there are no strings to pull your Yoni Egg out. You can squat and gently push down like having a bowel movement

  4. How long do I leave it in? If you are a beginner leaving your Yoni Egg in for 4 hours while consciously doing kegel exercises throughout the day is ideal. Slowly increase your time as you grow to become more comfortable and your vaginal muscles become stronger. Your Yoni Egg will communicate with you. Some days she will want to stay in all day and other days she will plop out with no warning after an hour. There are days she won't want to come out. Don't be frightened. Relax and trust the process. This is your healing taking place. My eggs stay for 3 to 5 days at a time. I allow her to come out when she is ready.

The experience in itself is enough to make you want to try it and tell a friend. As we take this month to discuss mothers, we also want to shed like to the process and protecting the place where the magic takes place.

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