The 6 Stages of Seed Planting

Have you ever had an experience that lead to an idea and you weren't quite sure what to do next? I've been there, it's that bittersweet spot between being excited because you know you have something grand and being overwhelmed because you have no idea what to do with it. In times like these, you need a plan. After all, the worst part is out of the way, you already have the idea.

I love flowers; they hold so much beauty and they serve many purposes. A flower has 6 stages: seed, germination, growth, reproduction, pollination, and seed spreading stages. Each stage equally important, with its on distinct objective for the life of the flower. The seed stage is where it starts, just like your idea. From there it progresses to the germination stage, which is what is necessary to produce growth. Every seed requires something different, some even need to go through the bellies of animals. Once its prepped it continues to the growth stage, this is where it starts to produce its food, it begins to bud and the stems grow toward the heavens. The reproductive stage is where the flower starts to provide benefits to others so that they too can grow. During the pollination stage, pollen is carried from one flower to another. This stage is crucial because without it there would be no new seeds. The final stage is seed spreading. This is when the seeds that were produced in the previous stage are spread so that the life cycle can begin again.

I know you're wondering, what does this have to do with me?

Seed: I believe we have ideas for a reason. Either we personally need to do something or someone around us may need to. In either case, we shouldn't waste it. You never know whose life you will impact or what domino effect of genius your idea may create. But what do you do with your seed? How should you move forward? That's a great question and the main reason we are writing this post.

Germination: There will be several things that will be necessary for you to make your seed fruitful, or in this case, flowerful. You will need to research, you may even need to get licensed, certified or undergo some type of training. You may need to find a mentor to assist you in creating a business plan or at the very least, an outline of where you want to go. Researching will give you the answers you need to move forward in to growth.

Growth: Once you have identified what you need to create the foundation for your seed you can prepare yourself for the growth that will take place. What will growth look like? It will look like launching, audiences, interest, sales, repeat business, referrals. Growth will look like forward movement, it will look like results necessary to stimulate reproduction.

Reproduction: During the reproduction stage you start to scale, that looks like offering more products and services or in some cases expanding. Essentially, your business is producing something else other that what was initially intended. This may even be a non-profit side that allows you to give to others; it could be you becoming a mentor to other business owners. Much like the other phases, this phase has lots of pollen potential.

Pollen: Your pollen is what makes your brand and your company strong. It's what equips you to be able to give to others. The manner in which you give may vary but the helpfulness of what you give will remain constant. Interestingly enough, your pollen won't always be transferred by you or even a member of your company. It could be transferred by a total stranger, someone who is inspired and from there inspiration a seed is born.

Seed Spreading: And the process literally starts all over for someone else, who not unlike you has an idea and a determination to move on it.

Do you have a seed? If you've answered yes, visit to register for 21 Steps to Self Discovery. During the first week of May, Laneshia will be coaching a FREE series on goal setting. We are in this together.

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