Quick Guide to Super Foods

In a conversation recently, a friend and I were discussing whether we should reserve meat eating to winter months. We both knew that fruits and vegetables grew at specific times during the year, we also knew that they naturally grow in certain areas, states, or parts of the country. What we didn't put much thought in is whether we should be tailoring how we ate to the season in which the super food grows. Interestingly enough, this also affects the meats we eat as well.

Do you have a friend who exclusively shops at farmer's markets for their fruits and vegetables? Follow their lead. Shopping locally for your produce will fix your in season eating dilemma. Filling your fridge with homegrown fruits and veggies increases their freshness; it cuts out the shipping time. It also restores a little trust; you no longer have to rely on the honesty in labels as you are buying directly from the farmer. There are a few other benefits to eating your super foods in season, and I know you're dying to know what they are.

  1. Its cheaper; the price you pay is not impacted by storage and shipping when you buy in season locally grown foods. Chances are the farmer harvests in bulk which drives the price down.

  2. It tastes better; in season produce is fresher and it tastes better. Foods that are naturally ripened will be more nutritious, they will also have be more flavorful. Produce that has to ship must be picked early to allow for shipping time and then refrigerated. It this process you sacrifice flavor and nutrients.

  3. Nutritional Value; as mentioned above, locally purchased produce has a higher nutritional content. Storage affects negatively affects the antioxidants found in produce.

  4. Variety; did you know that your body's needs differ based on the season, which is why its best to eat in season. We are supporting the variety our body needs.

I know you're wondering what super foods grow when, no problem, I planned ahead. Read below to find out when you should be taking advantage of different produce.

When seasons change we should open ourselves to new things. Often times we pigeon hole ourselves into eating the same things over and over again. What's the fun in that? In my own journey to a healthier me, the one thing that I changed was my openness to try new things, namely recipes. What have you tried new lately?

So, its Spring and the things that are specific to this season are the leafy greens. My favorite website is pinterest, this is where I go to get recipe ideas for things I want to try for the first time. Below are a few I think you will like.

Spicy Spinach Quesadilla

Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti

Spinach and Mushroom Smothered Chicken

Now that you know what to eat and when, are there any changes that you need to make? If you have recipes that you'd like us to share with our audience, comment below.

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