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3 Things You Should Know About Spring Cleaning

When is the last time you Spring Cleaned? And, I am not talking about your house. If your response is last Spring then this post is for you. Despite the seasonal title, it isn't something you should reserve for one time per year. It's actually something you should get in the habit of doing regularly. Allow me to start from the beginning.

What is Cleansing?

Cleansing or detoxing is the process of ridding the body of toxins. You may ask yourself, what are toxins? Its actually a very broad term, but essentially its pollutants that cause the body harm. The reality is toxins are all around us, in our water and our food, making it extremely important to cleanse regularly. There really isn't a way to protect yourself from toxins, the best defense is to detoxification.

How do you Cleanse?

Change the way you eat. This is by far the most effective way to decrease exposure to toxins and detoxify your body. As convenient as fast food restaurants are they are very harmful and counterproductive to living a clean life. Not just that, all processed foods, refined sugars and junk food. I know you may love them, but they are not beneficial to your body. Your first step in Spring Cleaning should be to check your refrigerator and cabinets. Do you have clean eats or harmful pollutants? If you don't answer clean, then I challenge you to give your kitchen a makeover. You can start your cleanse by juicing which is highly effective because the liquid form aids in immediate nutrient absorption; or you can eat fruits and vegetables for at least a week and slowly phase in your meats. Either option will give your body the cleaning it needs.

Exercise and Meditate. I encounter so many people who are anti-exercise, not realizing how much it could help them. The sweat that pours down your face, the release of hormones, the way you feel after a session all works together to rid your body of pollutants. Not to mention how effective meditating can be to your mental space. Coincidentally enough, cleansing isn't just for the body, it is also for the mind. A gym isn't necessary; you can use your living room, your front yard, or even the park. As long as you have space to get active, you're off to a great start. Incorporate meditation into your schedule at least once per week, and take note of how much lighter you feel.

Drink Water. Our bodies need water; it craves it. We don't always listen or respond to the cravings but it's there. Your body needs water for pretty much everything, the production of saliva, sweat, and the removal of waste. Without water your body is performing at a disadvantage.

When Should you Cleanse?

Our bodies have a way of telling us when something is wrong. That's definitely true with regard to toxin overload. Here are a few ways your body will communicate that a cleanse is in order:

  1. Low or No Energy

  2. Constipated

  3. Inability to Focus

  4. Feeling Down/Depressed

  5. Inability to lose weight

  6. Difficulty Sleeping

  7. Sexual Dysfunction

  8. Headaches

  9. Soreness

  10. Skin Rashes

I know you're thinking, "wow I have experienced some of these things." Well, you may be in need of a cleanse. The type of cleanse you need will be determined by your symptoms. If you are not ready to incorporate all of the above cleanse types in your everyday life then here's a quick way to start:

  • Drink a glass of hot water + lemon juice + honey each morning on an empty stomach

  • Drink a glass of water before each meal

  • Get active for 30 minutes per day for at least 3 days per week

  • Meditate once per week, start with 5 minutes

So here's what you should have gotten from today's post: cleansing is important. We are full of waste, and truth is its better outside of us than inside. Cleansing can be done in a multitude of ways, from how you eat, your activity levels and drinking water. We even gave you a quick guide to starting. What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to Spring Clean?

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