Meditation is so important to me and my life. Aside from the spiritual baths, this is the time where I can tune everything out and center myself. It hit me not too long ago how fast "we perceive" time is flying, when in reality every second is a second and every minute is just that. What changes our perception of time is what is happening in our lives, the feeling of being busy. That feeling of anxiety when your in the midst of your day, when it appears that you need to be in 87 places at once and you don't quite feel prepared or when you're running late for something and it seems like you hit every red light and are following every old person who still drives. That's not real, well its real but its preventable. The more we prepare ourselves for our days, the more we resist the urge to put something off to the last minute, the more minutes will be yours. This is why I meditate. Every now and then, which is really every morning, I need some time to center my thoughts. I need some time to come to 0 on that number line and woosah. Once I do this, the stress I was feeling, the anxiety creating knots in my neck fade away. Obviously, meditating isn't magical so you actually have to get organized but it is magical in that it allows you to block out everything, if only for 5 minutes. You would be surprised how much that 5 minutes could change your life. When I initially started meditating, I will be honest it was difficult for me. I had to really quiet my mind, which isn't easy for a person like me whose mind is continuously on tomorrow or later today or next year. It was a task for me but I kept at it. I committed myself to my me time. I knew that I needed this time to maintain balance in my life, to keep my stress levels low and to relax this running mind. Once I was able to master my me time, I ventured into yoga. Now, let me tell you. I thought I was this super deep chick in college, I tried yoga because duh, I thought I would be right at home in my deepness. Nah! I failed miserably and since that experience I was quite honestly afraid of yoga. Years later, feeling even deeper I decided to give it another try and WOW. There have been times where I have been brought to tears. Call me corny, but in that place, that tiny space where my calm lies, where in that moment I can just be, as I am today, no expectations, just BE....ladies, its beautiful. Honestly, truly.

Because I love you guys so much I found some beginner moves. The picture actually does them not justice as these, seemingly simple moves will have you feeling it in the morning.

I am challenging you all to incorporate meditation and or yoga into your routines this week. When you do, post a pic and tag @embodiedvibrations. There just might be a prize in it for you, if not from us, from your body, your mind and your spirit.

Thank you guys so much for hanging with us this month. I hope you learned something. As a matter of fact, we want to hear from you. Tell us one thing you learned this month from our posts, chats or our social media feed.

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