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When I discovered that my passion was helping women, I will admit, I found myself in a conundrum. How would I be able to balance work, which had absolutely nothing to do with women and my passion? This question plagued my mind. It wasn't until I starting paying attention to the women around me, who were in similar positions and were legit killing their side hustles. All of of these women, my age, who look like, or at least are interested in similar things are managing staying sane and productive at work only to get home at punch the clock on their dreams. I was sold. I didn't need to see anything else, I didn't need to hear anything else, I was ready.

Although my business is helping women reach the healthiest version of themselves, I find joy in knowing that I am not the only one working hard towards my goals. What's even better, the women I encountered were so supportive. Offering to help and support me in some way. My experience at the beginning of my journey ignited a fire within me, to not only work toward my own success but to empower others around me to do the same. I started thinking about some of the stereotypes associated with women, specifically black women and it dawned on me that stereotypes aren't real. Every day I encounter women who are changing the lives of other women, they are balancing family, work and their passions, and they still manage to take care of themselves in the process. Women are amazing. It's no wonder that this post hit me during Women's History Month.

As we go through life, working and passioning, we have to continue to empower one another. We also have to check ourselves to ensure that we stay empowered. Life isn't always sunny, and when we experience those days that are tough we have to remember why we started, we have to remember why its all important, we have to focus on the end goal we set for ourselves.

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