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Embodied Vibrations is determined to reach as many women as possible, that way we  can spread the importance of healthy womb care. We want women to realize that you don't have to be at a certain stage in your life to take care of your womb. 

We offer a newer experience that bring light to women around the world, about the importance of self-connection & self-care. This process of womb healing is essential, not only for our own personal growth as sacred women, but for the growth and healing of the entire planet as we are shifting into this new age of balance between the divine feminine and masculine. We offer womb stimulations, and herbal vaginal steaming. We aim to promote feminine health and emotional balance through holistic form of healing. It’s time to get back to loving your lady parts.

Our Vision

Buddha Statue

Goddess Behind The Vision


At a very young age, Andrea Clinton discovered her passion was people. She found pleasure in helping others improve their lives, later realizing, that women + self care would be her focus. After having numerous discussions with others, it became clear that many women were suffering from similar conditions and the occurrences only increased after the age of 30. 

She also discovered that so many women (including herself) were unknowingly neglecting themselves. So, she decided to examine her own practices. It was then that she dove deeper into her own self-care, truly embracing her femininity. Her passion grew, the more she learned, the more she wanted to teach others how to do the same in their own lives.  

There are so many women experiencing issues such as endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, vaginitis, etc. that Embodied Vibrations created herbal steams and teas that directly target the reproductive organs and help to alleviate the associated symptoms.   

It's more than a steam,

it's an experience.

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